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of Questos

Learn how to be a part of the Whitelist Token Sale.

High Performance

High transaction volume is no problem for our network.

energy efficient nodes

Our energy efficient nodes save a lot of power already in operation

100% Carbon Neutral

The Questos network is CO2 Neutral!

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Whitelist Tasks
the pre Sale

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  • Make sure that you follow our Telegram group: QuestosOfficial
  • Make sure that you follow our Twitter profile: QuestosOfficial
  • Quote this tweet and share it with our hashtags
  • answer a few questions about Questos
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QRTX - BNB Token

Join the Whitelist to get the opportunity to pre order the BNB Token!

Our network

compare transaction pollution

Every transaction on the BTC or ETH network produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and harms the planet!


543kg CO2

per transaction

  • 10 Minutes Blocktime
  • Public Chain

0.0kg CO2

per transaction

  • 15 Second Blocktime
  • Public Chain
  • Smart Contracts