Performant & Secure
The Questos Network

Check out how we designed the first fully sustainable blockchain network for everyone.

High Performance

High transaction volume is no problem for our network.

energy efficient nodes

Our energy efficient nodes save a lot of power already in operation

100% Carbon Neutral

The entire Questos network is CO2 Neutral, good for the environment!

Network Overview

The worldwide network

Our network is distributed all over the world, we have nodes in every region.

energy efficient

energy efficient

The fifth generation of our nodes is energy efficient and powerful, we use only the latest hardware.

  • Under 25 watts consumption
  • 16 CPU threads & 64GB Ram
  • 2 TB NVMe SSD
CO2 Neutral

100% CO2 Neutral Blockchain

Discover the limitless possibilities of Questos Blockchain and help the environment, for each of Us!

we support:
Our network

compare transaction pollution

Every transaction on the BTC or ETH network produces a large amount of carbon dioxide and harms the planet!


543kg CO2

per transaction

  • 10 Minutes Blocktime
  • Public Chain

0.0kg CO2

per transaction

  • 15 Second Blocktime
  • Public Chain
  • Smart Contracts