Use Questos
for your Business

Check out how you can use a sustainable blockchain for your business.

Secure Network

A secure and highly available network is the foundation for business transactions.

Simple programming

Simple programming ensures that Questos can be used and programmed by anyone.

Professional support

With a support contract, the Questos team helps with the creation and operation.

Compare the Blockchain Options

See how the Questos blockchain can improve your business.


Ethereum Main Network

$ 22.00

per transaction


Questos Main Network

$ 0.05

per transaction

QUESTOS Enterprise

Questos Private Network

$ 0.00

per transaction

Transaction time 5 minutes 15 seconds 2 seconds
Chain Type Open Open Hybrid
CO2 per transaction 39 kg CO2 0.0 kg CO2 0.0 kg CO2
Energy per transaction 82 kWh <0.01 kWh <0.05 kWh
Smart Contracts
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energy saving

energy efficient
business nodes

The fourth generation of our Business Nodes is energy efficient and powerful, we use only the lastest hardware.

  • from <45 watts consumption
  • intel/AMD CPU
  • 16 - 64 CPU threads & up to 2TB Ram
  • up to 4 x 8 TB NVMe SSD