CO₂ neutral blockchain

Discover our carbon negative blockchain infrastructure that helps the climate instead of harming it. Start with your project now or get QTX our OnChain tokens.

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What is Questos?

A carbon negative blockchain. Our project absorbs more harmful CO2 than it causes. So it helps our climate.

Environmentally friendly

We have a carbon negative life cycle assessment with the complete network. This helps the environment.

Distributed and Secure

The nodes in our network are distributed across many different locations around the world

Easy to use

Since we work with existing standards, many wallets already support the QTX token

Smart Contracts

We work on the Ethereum base. That's why we support all Solidity smart contracts.

Solidity transactions

Our network is high performing and thus can process many transactions very quickly.

Very low fees

Our technology allows us to perform transactions almost free of charge regardless of the volume


help the climate
start today

You can use blockchain technology sustainable by starting to use the sustainable alternative today. With no restrictions.

  • Environmentally friendly
  • Fast & Secure
  • Ethereum Compatible
carbon dioxide

compare CO2 emissions

One transaction on the Bitcoin network does more harm to the environment than a plane trip from Paris to Frankfurt.


40kg CO2

per transaction

  • 5 Min transaction time
  • blockchain
  • smart contracts

543kg CO2

per transaction

  • 60 Min transaction time
  • blockchain

0.0kg CO2

per transaction

  • 15 Sec transaction time
  • blockchain
  • smart contracts

blockchain for everyone
anytime, anywhere.

Explore the possibilities offered by the Questos network and develop the first CO2 neutral DAPP in a field.

  • Develop CO2 neutral DAPP
  • Develop your own smart contracts
  • low cost alternative

Questo's Key Features

Discover the new blockchain technology that helps the environment instead of hurting it! Check out how you can benefit from the QRX token now.

Existing infrastructure

Since we are Ethereum compatible there are already a lot of wallets that work.

Fast payments

Fast payments make Questos useful and usable on a daily basis.

Secure network

Our decentralized blockchain network enables secure transactions.

Strong potential

New and existing blockchain tokens can migrate to Questos very easily and save fees.

100% carbon neutral

Our network is 100% carbon neutral, our carbon footprint is even CO2 negative!

Hardware Wallet

Compatible with hardware wallets for secure storage of coins.


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